How to hire a good writer

How to hire a good content writer?

Most writers are clueless when it comes to who writes their content, and that’s why when you find a great content writer, you don’t want to let them go. In the beginning, it may seem hard to know how you can get a great writer; the good news is there are great writers out there looking for you too. Discussed below are points that will be helpful for both you the entrepreneurs looking to hire writers and freelance writers looking for amazing clients.

Be clear on what type of writer you want

Not all content creators are equal, like some other careers such as doctors; they each have a specialty. If you are not sure of what you are looking for, you will end up swimming in a sea of applications and creating way more work for yourself. And anyone you end up hiring will be a total shot in the dark. First and foremost, you need to determine the writer you need based on the four criteria:

Niche ~ you want to deal with a writer with relevant experience in your particular niche. It could be finance, health, personal development, politics, business, home care, and so on, you get a writer who has a great familiarity with what him or her to write about.

Writing style ~ determine if your brand voice is professional, educational, fun, cheeky, or authoritative. This information is valuable for content writers.

Type of copy ~ assess the type of copy you are looking for; are you looking for content writers or copywriters. Are they to write sales pages, video scripts, emails, social posts, or all of the above.

Skill level ~ you want your skill level to match the revenue potential of what they will be writing. So if you are just getting started and have a limited budget and you do not want to write your content, it is recommended you begin with a greener content writer who will be happy to learn and grow with your brand. However, if you have a more established offer, and an existing benchmark to beat, go for a more experienced writer.

You will be able to gauge quickly if the writer can increase your current conversions and what you can afford to pay them.

Write a precise job description

It is quite expected to find a good content writer, you need to have an excellent job description, and you want this before you start your search. Hiring for this specific role in your business means hiring for quality over quantity; it is not a numbers game. It is essential to put in the effort into coming up with a good job description, for you to attract the right candidates. The job description should include everything defined in step one, which is the niche, writing style, type of copy, and skill level of the content writer you are looking for. It will help weed out the writers that are not fit for you.

In your job posting, you need to be authentic and real; describe your writing idea’s mission, culture, vision, and vibe. Content writers are excited and appreciate purpose and personality from their clients, as they feel they are part of something bigger and not just “creating offers that convert.” A lot of business owners underestimate the power of this. The most significant point to remember in this is to set particular application guidelines, to evade numerous unqualified leads and a lot of extra work on your hands digging through those trigger applications with canned responses.

Always ask for a cover letter that explains why the candidate wants to work with you and why they think they’d be an excellent fit for your team. You can also ask to see writing samples or a portfolio of their past work. To simplify the selection procedure, you can give a simple instruction where you request your applicants to send in the application with a subject line; Content writer, and below that the put in their name. When you are going through your applications, you will be able to see who followed instructions and read the entire job description, where the truth is, most people won’t!

Once you have your job description written, post it publicly on your website or blog for easier access, and add a link that you can share with your candidates.

Find Prospects

In this stage, you are required to do quite a search. Indeed, it does not hurt to ask our friends or colleagues for content writers referrals, where it is an excellent place to start. However, if you find it as a dead-end, here are a few steps you can try:

  1. Post local job boards or college career boards to find fresh English major graduates looking for work.
  2. Search through Facebook or LinkedIn or other accessible online sources for hiring and search for public content-writing groups that are full of writers that are looking for clients. Search for keyword terms like content writers or freelance writers and contact those who seem appealing to your job description.

You can access great writers on other social media websites, and if you are unconventional, you might just find the gem where no one else is looking. You should also post your job on popular freelance sites like Upwork; most great freelance writers already have an Upwork profile, so if you get a contact outside of Upwork you can always invite them to the job there if you want to manage everyone in one place. Search through Upwork’s freelancer database and invite specific people who fit the bill for applying for your job.

Filter your Candidates

Once you have selected several candidates, it is time to narrow done the candidate pool to the top five. For the reason that you do not have time to read every single word in an application or review every unique portfolio, first impressions can come in handy in this section. The most straightforward place to start is to weed out everyone who did not follow those instructions in your job description and apply them with the proper subject line. Through that, you are doing away with almost 90% of the applicant without opening a single mail or message.

Now you are dealing with those who followed the application instructions, read only the cover letters. Cover letters that are not up to par can be axed efficiently, reducing the masses of work ahead. Look at the writing samples of not more than ten writers and pick out who you want to interview those who show promise and creativity. The next step you should do video interviews with each one of these candidates, to gauge more on personality and fit than anything else. It is quite essential to work with people that you enjoy talking to, regardless of their caliber of writing. Resumes will not reveal anything valuable about the writer as a person or their specific writing experience. It will be better observed over a video call.

After the interview procedure, you can narrow them down to a list of five candidates. Most likely at this very point, you will usually have an idea who you will go for, but don’t decide just yet.

Hire them all

I know you will be looking for only one writer; however, at this point, it is almost impossible to know which one will be the ideal fit for your brand and business without doing a test. Come up with a short and straightforward content-writing project and hire them all to do it. Provide every single writer with similar instructions and deadlines. Sure, you will spend a little bit of money testing them out, where probably each writer may have a different price, but after all, is said and done one writer will stand out from the rest and surprisingly.

When comparing writers, look for creativity first. Writers who can write a great hook, chances are high they are creative and most great writers. It is quite simple to tell the difference between persuasive and creative writers and those who just know common sales tactics and buzz words.

Data should speak for itself and if you have enough traffic, why not split-test all five pieces of copy and see who comes out on top. The writers that don’t end up hiring long-term will still appreciate, as they have been paid for their project, so remember to thank them for their time and effort.

Hiring your Ideal Writer

Once you find the writer you want to hire, it is time to negotiate to bring them on board. It is highly recommended to pay him or her on a project-basis or monthly retainer, not hourly. It will be beneficial to both the writer who is getting consistent work and the business owner who can properly budget and plan. Some clients do not opt for offering commissions as a percentage of sales since mostly, it is hard to track in complete isolation, and sales can be unpredictable.

A writer should be fairly paid for their time, whereas if you do not get traffic to the author right away, you do not want the risk of the writer to be unhappy because they were promised a percentage of the sales which is entirely out of their control. Remember, it is always important to value your writers and be the excellent client they all aspire for, it is tough to acquire a reliable long-term writer.

Ideal ways to find Content writers for your website or Blog

Every website or blog owner’s dream is to have a competent team of writers that will write excellent content that will bring passive income for months or even years to come. There are many places you can find good writers and some are not as popular as others but offer the best writers one can get. You will come by a significant number of writers contacting you every day, wanting to work with you and help you make money online.

Shared below are a few places that you can find good quality writers who give you high-grade content that will help you make money which is the most crucial thing of them all;

iwriter – if you want something quick, easy and fast and is delivered within 24 hours, iwriter is the place to go. However, as the saying goes, you pay for what you get. On iwriter the quality is not guaranteed to be perfect. If you are looking for writers that want to do all the work for you like upload the content to the website, put the images, to doing the Search engine optimization it would hard to find such a writer on iwriter as they are more for fast average quality content.

Problogger – in ProBlogger website you are more guaranteed to find great writers for a reasonable price who amazingly have written for giants such as entrepreneurial magazines, Huffington posts, NewYork times to the Wallstreet, the likes. In ProBlogger, there is a message board where you can post, and you will get a massive response from writers that want to write for you. Here you just need to post the job and explain what you want; that is done you want the writers to write the articles and then upload them to the websites themselves or do the Search Engine optimization themselves. Layout precisely what your plan is and follow the procedures as mentioned earlier to settle for the best writer you see.

Upwork – Upwork is ideal for only people who are willing to write the content and nothing more. Upwork you are prone to find excellent writers, but it will be hard to find writers that are willing to do content management for you. In Upwork, you will be able to have affordable good writers that they write for you and give to you to upload while in ProBlogger you will get full-time content creators.

Writers Without Borders – And let’s not forget our service. We are a group of talented writers and we can help your business grow. ur team consists of writers from many different types of backgrounds, writing styles, and experiences. Our mission is to deliver high-quality content in as little time as possible, with the best results. We aim to create engaging writing content that can take the desired action.

Writing is our passion, so we approach very professionally to our every client. No matter how business is big or small, we can always find the right words for you. We have writers that have knowledge of different types of industries, so you can rest assured that we can meet your writing needs. Check out our services here.

Facts and Reality About writing for beginners

Some writers are inborn, others self-taught, and many wish for being one. Many people want to write a book, have a blog or become great writers. Shared below are some advice and reality about writing a book that probably most of you have never been told before:

  1. Your original content is probably going to turn out imperfect. It is not going to be very good, but you have to write it. You can’t be a writer if you are not writing anything at all, and fear of failure is not an excuse, just embrace that your first work will not be the best.
  2. Remember nothing is original. Do not stress yourself over the idea of being perfect or unique or worrying that another writer or author has already done what you are aspiring to write. Go ahead and write since what brings an original spark to excellent writing is how it is written. Through lots of writing, you are going to improve on your skill of how to twist words and make them interesting, unfathomable, and original.
  3. Probably you are the only one overthinking about all these. As much you are writing for your readers, in the beginning, it will mean more to you than to anyone else. Your inner creativity is what will capture your reader’s attention. Still, when writing, you can’t consider to please everyone you ask an opinion from since you probably going to make it worse and confusing. Keep in mind, it will possibly not happen right away, but eventually, it may.
  4. Never go for memoirs in your first writing. If you want to have a book or an active blog, do not go for writing about yourself or your life. You may not be an excellent writer yet, but chances are high people will read fiction or something more creative and exciting than someone else’s life story. Get the original out of you and write something beyond what people are used to or a blog that will improve your writing skills.
  5. Ignore the excuses and start now. If you have a great interest in writing, don’t wait to get inspired to begin. Every writer started from somewhere and whatever idea you have on your mind no matter how shallow or pointless it may seem, just write and ideas will begin to flow in. Do not ask for validation from family or friends; you may get discouraged by different opinions that you may receive from each one of them. Follow your instincts and do what you feel is right.
  6. If you have not established what niche you are good at, get the interest of reading different articles that are not related and see what catches your attention. You can write short articles about anything on your blog on any other platform where you will probably get genuine responses. Never ask for opinions, just see how people will respond to your writing regardless of whatever you are writing on!


Writing is more about creativity than perfection. You can never run a great website or ace a best-seller book if you do not have any idea about great literature. To hire a good writer, you should have an idea of what it takes to read quality writing.

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