How to promote your book before it's published

How to promote your book before it’s published?

Every author holds the primary responsibility for the book’s marketing and promotion as they are expected to grow their author platform and their readership. Promoting your book before publication has become a great way to create a substantial ready market for your book. Discussed below are some of the practical techniques you can apply for marketing your book before publishing it. How to promote your book before it’s published

Know your target Audience – Once you are clear why you are writing a book, you will verify who will be your target audience. People have different reasons for writing a book besides having a reasonable income from it. When you are clear about why you are doing it will determine how you market it. If its more focused on the older generation, online would be great but not as high as through other means that older people have easier access.

Make a website devoted to the Book – unlike a site, a blog has continuously updated content that keeps readers more glued. A website for your Book is vital to keep it out there before its published than can be made for online journals about your views related to your book.

Your prospect readers will be eager to read your Book once it’s published. Make sure you use the title as the domain name if you are not sure about the title you can use the author’s name to gain popularity.

Create a blog not devoted to the Book – as mentioned above, a website is more fixed than a blog and more arranged into pages, while a blog is more flexible. A blog can is ideal for sharing various subjects due to its flexibility and the fact new content can be uploaded regularly. It could also best as a platform that leads your readers to the interest of reading more of your content, eventually, your Book. Initially, have several benefits including:

A blog can bear several books, and if you are planning to write more than one book, there is no other better place to update your readers on your upcoming Book. A blog is a platform where you can communicate with your readers on other matters to keep them hooked and interested in your content.

A blog is limitless, meaning the blog will still exist and be active after your Book is off the shelves. As the author, you will always remain relevant to your audience regardless of the time from when your Book was a hit. The great thing s whatever you wish to venture into in the future, and your blog is to share about it to existing and new prospects.  

Finally, a blog can help initiate your eminence long before it is launched. If you are a new author, you will have followers interested in reading your blog and have a familiarity with you more once your Book is afloat.

Gather email addresses Online and Offline – you must start to fetch and pile up as many email addresses you can online, months before you launch your Book. The email list that you will acquire will be one of the ideal and quickest ways to get your word out about your Book.

There are many effective ways to obtain valid email addresses. One is to have incentives such as offering discounts, inputs, extracts, free chapters to different bonus chapters; other writers go to lengths of selling their books half price to some few subscribers.

You can collect email offline and go to events like seminars or workshops you can exchange or ask for business cards and email addresses. Always remember to inquire first whether you can add them to your email newsletter list.

Write a preview book or Article – Create a book or article that your readers will read before your final copy is published. Before your book is released, you aware readers will be desperate to know more. It is like watching a trailer of a movie you are anticipating to attend, you become eager to know the whole plot and how it ends.

Request for feedback – During your writing, you can recurrently ask your website visitors for feedback on the content shared. Keep your word and promise to appreciate all those who help in the Book. Doing so will make these people feel and know they have played a part in the creative process, so they will be yearning to spread the word when released.

Hand round as you write – You can send extracts to people you quote or involve for feedback as you complete chapters of your Book. They will look forward to reading the finished Book since you will engage them by keeping the project alive in their minds. You can do these through their direct emails and website. Always involve your fans; they are your best marketers.

Seek for references and recommendations – References and suggestions from personalities within your niche are quite significant. Nerve shy away to approach them early to build up a relationship; this will create trust when asking them for support. You will be amazed by how many people they can rake in to read your Book through testimonials they may share.

Keep your social media active – social media is filled with every kind of person you may think of. Whatever niche you are writing, you will always find people who will be interested in your content. Please do your research to find interesting facts and articles and share them on social media handles to have an idea of what you are thinking. Through this, you will proactively be building your social media active followers.

Layout a social-media search – find and research pages, groups, or personalities relevant to your upcoming Book. When conversations come up on the related subject, do not shy away from joining the discussions. It is good to be seen or noted, especially in social media, where most people like to participate actively or passively. You can channel your readers to your blog or website to read more from you by sharing a link on pages where it’s allowed. Do not be apparent or direct about it; let it be subtle to catch people’s attention.

Focus on your target market – visibility is critical, but make sure you are visible on people who you are assured they will be interested in what you are selling. Know where the kind of audience you are targeting hang out and then use the necessary services to build your followers. You can apply this offline when it comes to seminars or conferences, focus on the ones that strictly relate to what you are selling; word will go round effectively from there if all goes well.

Design is your Image – design and internal page layout are some of the most crucial points for promoting your Book. How many times have you read a book since you were attracted to the cover design? Yes, I bet enough times. Make sure you have invested in sound design, and some publishers have professionals to do this, or you can outsource an individual designer, all that matters is make sure you have your say. Human beings are attracted to beautiful things when you cover design looks exciting and catchy, know you are halfway there!

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